Assessment of the Efficacy of Dental Implants in Medically Compromised Patients: A Prospective control Study with 5 years follow-up.

Dental implant in medical condition patient


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dental implants, medically compromised


Several systemic diseases (and relative medications) have been reported to impair or in some cases complicate dental im­plant surgery. In broader terms, when dealing with patients suffering from systemic diseases, the monitoring of the medi­cal conditions and  related post-operative complications is of great importance in order to avoid risks which could jeopardise the health of the patient. We conducted the prospective study with 100 dental implants divided into 20 each in patient with history and on medication of Diabetes, Hypertension, Cardiac or Thyroid and one control group (healthy). Implant success, Pain, Marginal Bone Resorption, Bite efficacy and RFA unit were recorded for 1st week, 3 month, 6 month, 1 year, 3rd and 5th year follow up.  Implant success was recorded 98 % in Diabetic , 97% in Thyroid and 100 % in Hypertensive and cardiac patient.  We concluded that Implant success is good in patients with medical conditions, but with cautious surgical intervention.


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