Treatment of Mandibular Body Fracture Using Miniplate Osteosynthesis : A Case Report



  • Sandeep Kumar Sharma K.D Dental College & Hospital Mathura



Mandibular Body Fracture, Bird face appearance, anterior overjet, 7 & 9 hole Miniplate, Fracture fixation.


Fracture of the Mandibular body is the most common facial fracture resulting in hospitalisation of the the patient in northern India. The prime objective of this case study is to inspect and analyse the management plan of Mandibular body fracture treated by open reduction and internal fixation coupled with restoration of underlying bony architecture to its pre-injury position in a stable fashion. This study also evaluates outcomes and maintenance of function for 2 bone plating techniques used in the treatment of Mandibular body fractures at K.D Dental College & Hospital Mathura.



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