Conservative Management of Plexiform Ameloblastoma: A Case Report.


  • Moumita Sheikh Rama University, kanpur, UP
  • Alangkar Saha
  • Achyut Sinha



Enucleation _ Carnoy’s solution _ Recurrence _ Ameloblastoma


The ameloblastoma is a benign odontogenic tumor of epithelial origin that exhibits a locally aggressive behaviour with a high level of recurrence, being believed theoretically to come from dental lamina remains, the enamel organ in development, epithelial cover of odontogenic cysts or from the cells of the basal layer of the oral mucosa. Their management can be a contentious issue due to the high risk of recurrence in some histological subtypes. Treatment of ameloblastoma should be conservative as possible, to avoid serious complications resulting from radical surgery. Based on the extent of the lesion and decide on either conservative management in the form of enucleation followed by peripheral ostectomy and chemical cauterisation or resection with safe margins. Considering the benign nature of the tumour and the morbidity after resection, patients, most of whom are in the younger age group, can still be subjected to conservative treatment provided they are followed up for a long period thus assuring them of a better quality of life. We present a case of a 18-year-old girl with an ameloblastoma of her right body and ramus of the mandible. Presentation, surgical work-up and management are discussed.


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