Impacted Mandibular Third Molar Lingually Based Flap Design: A Case Report


  • Maher Aboelgheit Majmaah University




Mandibular third molar is considered the most common impacted tooth in the oral cavity. Removal of the impacted lower wisdom became a routine surgical procedure in the dental office. Because of The increased number of surgical removals of impacted mandibular third molar a variety of complications can occur postoperatively. One of these complications is flap separation and exposure of the alveolar bone leading to increase the incidence of infection and postoperative pain. This problem encouraged the surgeons to create different flap designs to improve the healing process of the soft tissue. In my article I discuss a case report showing surgical removal of impacted lower third molar using uncommon flap design in order to enhance the proper healing of the soft tissue in the surgical site.



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