Musca Domestica Infestation in a Patient with Cerebral Palsy: A Case Report and review of literature

Musca domestica infestation in paediatric special patient


  • Updesh Masih Sri Aurobindo College of Dentistry, Indore
  • Pooja Mahay Sri Aurobindo College of Dentistry, Indore



myiasis, oral cavity, cerebral palsy


Musca domestica is a common housefly and its infestation in human beings is characterized as accidental myiasis. Myiasis in oral cavity is not an uncommon condition and can present as worm, bugs or maggot in the mouth. Although it can be treated effectively but may cause serious complications in oro- dental complex if left untreated. The present case reports oral myaisis in 13 year old girl child with cerebral palsy. The condition was treated by manual expulsion of maggots after application of turpentine oil, which was followed by oral administration of ivermectin and broad spectrum antibiotics.

Author Biographies

Updesh Masih, Sri Aurobindo College of Dentistry, Indore

Department of Peadiatric Dentistry

Pooja Mahay, Sri Aurobindo College of Dentistry, Indore

Associate Professor,

Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology


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